As some of you may know, Trav and I spent the first part of July filming a travel TV show in Switzerland, hence the lack of posts on SS. Now that we are back state-side, expect the pictures to be rolling in.

Here are some iPhone pics we managed to snap while filming…

We started our Swiss TV adventure in the resort town of St. Moritz, where we packed in hiking, yodeling, cheesemaking and windsurfing, to name a few.


On the very first day, after 8 hours of filming, Trav and I were both spontaneously thrown in front of the cameras again. This  sweet woman gave us an impromptu yodeling lesson in front of about 80 people who where trying to enjoy their fine dining experience on the top of this mountain!



//Gorgeous Swiss architecture in the small village of Zuoz, outside of St. Moritz//

IMG_7232 (1)

//windsurfing at Silvaplanna Lake//

I won’t tell you who managed to fall in first!

The second featured destination was Lucerne, but not without a quick stop in the beautiful town of Brunnen. The first time we had a chance to wander around and relax like actual tourists!


//standing beside Lake Lucerne in Brunnen//


//lakeside restaurant in Brunnen//

Our first full day in Lucerne was spent visiting an alphorn shop and going up Mt. Pilatus by cable car. The views were stunning!


//Lake Lucerne is one of the most beautiful backdrops I have ever seen.//


We spent an afternoon on board one of the many original steamboats cruising around the lake.



While we were filming, Switzerland was having a record high heat wave. After two days of staring longingly at the lake we managed to jump in one night for a quick swim.

The third location on our itinerary was Interlaken – which included a long trip up to JungFrauJoch, which has the highest train station in Europe at an elevation of 11,332 ft.


//freezing at the top of JungFrau but at least my feet are dry//

On the way back down we took the train through Lauterbrunnen, my favorite mountain valley in the world.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to hike through Lauterbrunnen as Trav and I had done six years before. This picture through the train window will have to do for now.

The beautiful capital city of Bern was our final filming destination in Switzerland. We stayed at the amazing Bellevue Hotel and I immediately made Trav snap pictures of me on our incredible balcony.


After checking into the hotel it was time for some gelato making at one of the best spots in Bern.


//Gelateria di Berna//


Our brief time in Bern was maybe the best part of the trip. The local representatives at the Bern Tourism office were such amazing hosts and it was honestly the most relaxing filming of the entire experience. They showed us the best parts of Bern including a delicious bbq in the park and an invigorating swim down the river.

Bern quickly became one of our new favorite cities.

IMG_7932 (1)

After the filming wrapped, Trav and I had two days to relax in Switzerland. After floating down the Aare River one last time, we left Bern and took the train to Lausanne.


Trav lived in Lausanne six years ago, so it was amazing to return to the place that first inspired us to travel and live around the world. The beauty of Lake Geneva is overwhelming every time you see it and we spent the entire two days cruising around the lake and visiting our favorite places.


//sitting beside Chateau de Chillon//



//loving life//

Filming a travel tv show was an amazing experience. We learned a lot and hopefully the end result will be entertaining to watch. 😉