looking back

A year ago, Trav and I embarked on a two month working trip to Europe. While Paris had always been my top destination (and it was amazing, of course), it was the scenic country of Croatia that I fell in love with.

From the gorgeous limestone hills embracing the coastline to the crystal clear water, Croatia meets all the requirements of a perfect destination.


//Makarska, Croatia//

We stayed in the enchanting city of Dubrovnik, where you can climb on top of the ancient walls for picturesque views of the old city. Walking around cobblestone streets requires comfortable shoes like these (wearing below) or my new favorite from Sam Edelman.




//J.Crew Chambray /H&M shorts /DKNY Cozy Wrap Sweater / Anthropologie Sunnies//


//rooftops of Dubrovnik//


Β //view of Dubrovnik from above//


//walkway in Old City, Dubrovnik//

Where is your favorite travel destination?

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